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Welcome to Steve's Rideau Restaurant

The best of the Peloponnese, awarded as one of the three best olive oils in Greece by the gourmet wine magazine Weinwelt, writes: The oil has a fruity and fresh scent of lime and freshly sliced olives and tastes fine-fruity, slightly grassy and very elegant with good Spicy and peppery reverberation. Ideal for the Mediterranean-inspired spring and summer cuisines! Here decides the quality of the olives! Only semi-ripe, intact olives are used and processed the same day in the in-house mill with the latest methods to fresh, green olive oil.

Lithos products are produced by the family of Papadakos brothers, at the village Soustiani, in Laconia. The extra virgin olive oil "Lithos" is made of the olive variety "Athinolia", grown organically. The olive fruit is collected and taken the same day at the family olive press where elision is taking place at low temperatures in order to keep every valuable ingredient of the olives. Organic "Kalamata" type olives Lithos are selected under strict standards.